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HelpAge Canada works to improve and maintain the quality of life of vulnerable older persons and their communities in Canada and around the world.

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HelpAge Canada is archiving the stories of its people and in doing so raising money to help seniors in need, locally and globally.


Welcome to HelpAge Canada

HelpAge Canada is Canada’s only organization dedicated exclusively to helping older people in Canada and the developing world. We have 40 years of experience working for older people and helping them overcome poverty, claim their rights, challenge discrimination and helping them lead dignified, secure, and healthy lives. HelpAge Canada is a founding member of HelpAge International and is part of a global network of organizations operating in more than 80 countries that help thousands every day.

Bringing about change by:

Empowering people:

Empowering older persons happens in many ways. Offering an older woman the chance to start an income generating activity means that she will be able to support herself as well as the grandchildren that might be under her care. Restoring a man's eyesight means he can now become independent. Creating an association through which seniors can discuss their concerns and claim their rights can help make people realize they can change their life conditions. The same type of transformation occurs when older people benefit from physiotherapy and regain their mobility, or when they are given dentures or eye glasses. The impact that HelpAge Canada has on the well-being and self-worth of those impacted by their programs can be extraordinary.

Providing assistance:

Around the world, older persons are often neglected by government programs and aid projects. In the form of individual sponsorships, HelpAge Canada provides assistance in nine countries to older persons in need of basic resources such as food, shelter and healthcare. HelpAge has also begun focusing on older persons who belong to marginalized groups and retired activists, people who spent their lives promoting peace and human rights. In some cases, HelpAge Canada provides assistance to older victims of sexual violence, and helps rebuild houses that were damaged or destroyed by natural disasters.


Latest Updates

February 22, 2015 - Our Stories, Their Stories.

HelpAge Canada is archiving the stories of its people and in doing so raising money to help seniors in need, locally and globally.

These stories transport you to places and times in Canada from personal true stories of real and diverse Canadians.


February 2, 2015 - HelpAge International Releases Report on Impacts of Ageing Population

In 2050, for the first time in history there will be more people 60+ in the world than children under 16. About 80% of them will live in developing countries. Facing the Facts: the Truth about Ageing and Development brings together expert opinion on the trends, challenges and opportunities presented by our global ageing population. The publication features 21 articles by leading ageing and development experts.


January 12, 2015 - Five years on from the Haiti earthquake

By Beth Howgate / HelpAge International

Five years on from the earthquake in Haiti that killed 230,000 people and displaced 1.5 million,  HelpAge International has moved at least 1,000 older people into new homes. We have also set up 16 older people's associations to provide long term support.

Once in their homes, we provided older people with financial support for the first year after relocation. This enabled them to pay their rent, obtain health insurance and cover school costs for any dependant grandchildren.